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Restoring relations and enabling constructive collaboration

An organisation active in the market for chilled fresh bakery products was experiencing a period of difficult relations with the major retailers. Pragma Consulting was asked to help the company restore goodwill and create a basis for constructive collaboration. The client was also looking to build an export network across Europe by forging direct links with retailers and key distribution partners in other countries. Success depended on creating an excellent sales and customer service department, integrating IT systems and putting a flexible logistics organisation in place. Pragma Consulting’s input resulted not only in positive working relationships with the leading fresh food retailers, but also the establishment of an extensive export network embracing more than fifteen European countries. In addition, IT integration led to a paperless customer service department coupled with an agile and efficient logistics operation.

Setting up a retail division and building market share in the Netherlands

An organisation active on the European business-to-business poultry market was keen to diversify into the retail sector. The brief was to set up a retail operation and secure a substantial share of the Dutch market inside two years. The organisation also aspired to internationalise its client portfolio. A complete retail arm, with production, quality, logistics and sales teams, had to be built from the ground up. As well as securing the primary objective within the two-year horizon, Pragma Consulting helped the organisation win its first international retail contracts. One of the main challenges of this commission was that the organisation’s previous experience was all in the business-to-business sector. It was completely unfamiliar with the wishes and requirements of retail partners. As a result, concepts such as 100% performance, product development, outlet support and proactive customer service had to be introduced and embedded within the organisation.

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