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‘Every concept begins with a bright idea’


A holistic approach is the secret to commercial success.On its own, a good product guarantees nothing. It is the overall performance of the company that counts. After twenty-five years of international experience at the interface of commerce, logistics, automation and product development, I remain as enthusiastic as ever to discover new markets, anticipate market developments and respond to the ambitions of the major food retailers. My motto is: if there’s a way, I’ll find it, and if there isn’t, I’ll invent it!

At home in the (super)market

The introduction of concepts and the profiling of existing product ranges in new markets require nerve, experience and perseverance, combined with complete supply chain familiarity. Those are the qualities that Pragma Consulting stands for. Detailed knowledge of the European market, especially Scandinavia, decades of experience and a pragmatic approach make Pragma Consulting an expert on the national and international retailing and food services market.